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Want to know more about custom upholstered furniture and draperies in Westlake Village,CA or somewhere else in Region? Then you should consider the fact that Danielís Design House has been the most trusted company when it comes to interior design. For more than three decades, we have been the best Westlake Village drapery, providing a wide selection of assembled furniture frames of superior quality and standards. In addition, we also have experts who are there to assist you, equipped with unmatched experience and skill that guarantees your furnishings will add special style and feel into your rooms. Our custom window treatments have been the hot topic for conversations within Westlake Village upholstery and Westlake Village drapery industries because of its stylistic and functional designs.

With top-notch showrooms and wonderful selections for you to choose from, you can visit our Westlake Village drapery. There you will find a variety of custom upholstered furniture. You can also find the expertise and knowledge offered by Westlake Drapery Company when it comes to trims, fabrics and design. Our experts can work with you to discuss your ideas and design. They can help you create your desired furniture whether it may be a sofa, loveseat, club chairs, bench, dining chairs, and more.

Custom upholstered furnishings in Westlake Village or within the vicinity comes in many forms and functions. The common old ways of shopping for furniture has been remade and improved. Back then when you shop for Westlake Village upholstery, you would go in a store, scrutinize, buy and go on your way with a lot of shopping items no one assisting you. Nowadays you can interact with certified professionals at Westlake Drapery Company and make use of their expertise and services such as free price quotes, free pick-up and delivery, expert measuring and installation, professional design and on-site work station. We also give you a 100 percent guarantee on our expert craftsmanship. It is hard to make a mistake with custom upholstered furniture in Westlake Village or somewhere near with all the choices and assistance offered by Westlake Drapery Company.

Danielís Design House of Westlake Village provides Custom drapes and upholstered furniture in so many areas. Whether the design is simple or over-the-top, custom made or calm, functional or stationary, drapery of Westlake village will always embellish and harmonize a room design. Since 1980, Danielís Design House has been trusted and patronized by many for its proficient service and unparalleled capability. Upholstery Westlake Village is now and has always been renowned for its top quality and style.

Prolific designers from Westlake Drapery Company can help provide clients with custom window design to create an ambience that perfectly suits your style, whether you are in Westlake Village or anywhere in the surrounding community. Our dedicated team of experts will be there for you to help sort out different design hurdles and challenges. They will be there to help you pick all materials and designs that will fit your home. Your mindís eye defines our companiesí creative ability.

Danielís Design House is passionately devoted in providing only the highest quality fabrics, furniture, custom window treatments and other features into every household within its designated service area, including Westlake Village. Working together hand-in-hand with our clients, we make sure that they are part of the design and production process so that we can produce what the customers really need. The results of our projects in Danielís Design House, is what sets us apart from other companies. We are committed in our vision of delivering nothing but the best custom window treatments, furnishings, fabrics and the works to all the homes in Westlake Village and nearby towns.

Westlake drapes, Westlake upholstery and up-to-date custom upholstered furniture information can be acquired thru (805) 494-4941 or (818) 707-7379.

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"Some of the furniture in my home is from my parents, which they purchased decades ago, so as these pieces have aged and degraded, I was faced with the choice of continuing to use them in their waning state, or to say my goodbyes and to throw it away. Instead, a new option showed itself to me when I found Daniel's Design house on the internet, and saw that they offer custom upholstery services in Westlake Village including furniture restoration. I made one of the greatest decisions of my life by taking my parent's old furniture in for restoration at Daniel's Design House. With their design experts helping me with the entire process of the upholstery process, I was able to choose a beautiful fabric and pattern to adorn my old, restored furniture, and my home now has a more elegant style."

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