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Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery

Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery was established in 1980 and have been producing custom made furniture, drapery and upholstery ever since. Our own qualified craftsmen manufacture all projects at our own facilities by using fabrics directly from the best mills all over the world.


Drapery and upholstery are our focus which gives us the edge when it comes to high quality as well as a wide variety of fabric and trimming lines. Creating new styles is an important part of our in-house design team’s day. These new styles are carefully hand crafted with the most prestigious names in the design world.


At Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery the choices are countless. Our extensive collection is presented in our showroom where you can always have confidence in choosing an original and high quality solution.
While approaching us for a design solution you can be sure that our team will provide you with a personalized and professional service. For over 35 years we have committed ourselves to delivering the highest quality workmanship in window treatments, upholstery, custom made furniture and fabrics.

What are you sitting on? An old chair with deflated cushions, or your favorite chair with brand new padding, a charming new pattern, and welted edges? Whether you are redecorating or restoring furniture, the answer can be found at our Westlake Village Drapery showroom.

Upholstery protects your furniture while imbuing your home with exciting designs and unparalleled quality. The most important aspect of a piece of furniture is the frame, the nuts, and bolts construction of the furnishing, however, you do not sit or regularly look at the furniture frame, even decorative pieces typically come covered in padding and fabric. Fabric subject to wear and tear, age, outdated design, tears, stains, and lopsided padding. Take a moment to review the furniture around your house, frequently tired upholstery is noticed by all but the daily occupant. This article will discuss when the right time to reupholster furniture is and what options are available.

Agoura Hills Upholstery and Drapery

Whether your project is one room, or an entire home, our design consultants can help you pull together the perfect customized design.


Agoura Hills Upholstery and Drapery

Whether your project is one room, or an entire home, our design consultants can help you pull together the perfect customized design.

Interior Design

Agoura Hills Upholstery and Drapery

Whether your project is one room, or an entire home, our design consultants can help you pull together the perfect customized design.

Why you should reupholster your furniture in Westlake Village?

Wear & Tear

All furniture has it, often unnoticeable to the homeowner due to their own familiarity with their surroundings. A brief walkthrough and you may notice pieces that could be better maintained and displayed. Rather than replacing fatigued furniture, you have the option to reupholstering. Pattern matching an entire house or selecting new designs and soft materials, quality upholstery will revitalize living spaces and individually update pieces of furniture in your home. Also, pets, animals are a big cause behind the need to reupholster your furniture. Pet stains, scratching, biting, or jumping up onto cushions is a routine source of damage and strain on furniture. Westlake Village Draperies is fully competent in saving pieces from unfortunate accidents, pet stains, and overuse.

Interior Design

Decorating a home you recently moved into or reimaging your home of many years, interior design influences the liveability of spaces and comfort. Great design lives in the details, and upholstery is the readily apparent details ever-present on sofas, chairs, pillows, and benches. From fabric patterns, leading into stitching colors and methods, padding depth and size, draping upholstery, or clean-cut edges. Upholstery either accentuates quality furniture or swallows it whole. Westlake Village Draperies will help you curate the materials and design choices so that every piece adds to the conversation rather than detracts. 

Cost Savings

Furniture is expensive and large-quality pieces are costly and difficult to replace. If you own a piece of furniture that no longer attracts you but you do not want to go through the process of finding new furnishings and paying retail or custom prices then the solution is the upholstery. Completely alter the look and feel of furniture by stripping it down to its frame and building back up from there. Upholstery is not devoid of cost, but compared to spending thousands on entirely new furniture reupholstering services are a bargain. 

Custom Design

Reupholstering furniture allows the homeowner a chance to choose the fabric, lining, embellishments, and styles. If you are going for a particular feeling or design concept, the individual touch that upholstering your house provides is a great way to accomplish exactly what you want rather than finding it off the rack so to speak.

Protecting Antiques & Heirlooms

Some furniture is irreplaceable. And for those special pieces, upholstery may be the best way to keep them safe and protected from external wear. Draping fabric over the body of the furniture to protect the legs from scratches or re-padding the seat cushion to restore the piece or strengthening the stitching and seat supports to ensure usability and comfort. Vintage furniture or treasured items deserve to be maintained and professional upholsterers know how to properly revive and bolster furniture design and support.

Working From Home

Working and living in one space can feel hectic and outdated furniture can add to the stress of staying in one place. Building your surroundings to accommodate all your needs and the needs of your family is an important step in finding serenity in your own home. From the number of furniture pieces present to the design of those pieces, there is a balanced middle ground to found. Tranquility is not only beneficial to your productivity at home but also your happiness and motivation. Reupholstering furniture just the way you want it can help you create the space you want to spend your time in. 

What makes a home feel special? It’s the people in the house that give it life, inspiring objects to have meaning and purpose. Providing a comfortable and well-made environment for the people and objects you care about most is a great way to appreciate the environment in which you spend vast amounts of time. If you are thinking about reupholstering your furniture or installing new upholstery on bare furniture then call your local experts at Westlake Village Upholstery & Drapery.

FAQ About Westlake Village Upholstery & Drapery

What kind of services do we offer at Westlake Village Drapery and Upholstery?

We offer a complete interior design makeover for homes in Westlake Village and surrounding areas. Our services include drapery fabric selection, drapery installation, re-upholstery of custom furniture, window treatments, and beddings.

Does your showroom offer all its drapery design and installation services in-house?

Yes! At our Westlake Drapery showroom, we offer all our design services in-house by employees onsite. All work from fabrication to installment is done by an employee and never a contractor.

Does your showroom offer in-person selection of fabrics for any upholstery or drapery project?

Yes, we offer a list of fabrics to choose from. We constantly update our showroom with the latest designs and materials. Feel free to come to take a look at our selection of appointed materials.

Does Westlake Drapery and Upholstery Offer a Free In-Person Consultation.

Yes, our interior designers offer a free in-person consultation in Westlake Village and surrounding areas.

How long does a average drapery design take for my home?

The average time will depend on the project and resources available at that time. The average time it takes to complete a drapery job is 14 days from start to finish (fabrication to installing).

May we visit the showroom any day?

Currently, we ask all customers to call in to make an appointment as we have to be available to accommodate you.

Where is your showroom located?

We have a location in Westlake Village but accommodate all customers in our Thousand Oaks showroom. Daniels Custom Upholstery 1815 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.

What are you business hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9: 00 AM to 5:00 PM. Saturday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Do you work on any size window treatment?

Yes, all our window treatments are custom-sized to fit your windows.

STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-3

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